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       Welcome to my Scannell Family website, I hope you enjoy the information I've gathered.  It's difficult to present all the information in a concise manner so, I've tried to cover the main pieces.  If have questions, corrections or would like more information please email me at

    My Scannells ancestors are from Douglas, Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland.  After spending a lot of time looking at land, church, census and other online records I believe I have a fairly complete picture of the Scannells that are from this area.  My goal was to determine the relationship of three different Scannell branches that exist today.  This was a very difficult task based on the sporadic availability of birth records.  However, I am fairly confident that my educated guesses are correct and I have not uncovered any data that contradicts the finding here.  The weakest links are based on witnesses to marriages and births.  There was a strong tendency to have a sibling or sibling in law as the witness to a marriage or birth of their child.  I outlined the two areas where I needed to rely on this due to lack of a direct connection based on birth records. 

    This research shows that there was a Denis Scannell who married Ellen Sullivan.  This couple is the furthest back on all trees and their children created the branches.  Also back in 1834 there was an Andrew and a William Scannell, I have not found any descendants from these two.  I have put them in the overall tree as placeholders. 

    The Killorglin church records only go back to the 1790s so, it will be difficult to go back any further.  However, the birth record for Mary Scannell, child of Denis Scannell and Ellen Sullivan in 1789 is found in the Killarney parish, not Killorglin like the rest of the births.  Maybe they are from Killarney or they were from Douglas and they went to the parish in Killarney for baptism.  (1791 Also, there is a witness to this birth, Margaret Scannell, maybe this is a sister to Denis? Mary's marriage to  John Cluvane shows John was from Douglas but again no residence record for Mary.  Mary’s siblings show they were from Douglas at birth.

    This has been a great project and I value all the relationships that have developed over the years.


    Killorglin History

    Killorglin History


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