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  • Douglas Land Records by Lot

    1834 Tithe Applotment for Douglas

    Denis Scannell, Mike Scannell, Wm Scannell, Dan Cluvane, John Sheahan.


    March 1, 1853 had the following: Land records

    Casey collection Vol 5 pg 78


    Andrew Scannell Garrane West

    Ellen Scannell in Douglas (Home)

    Mary Scannell in DOuglas (home, office land)

    Jeremiah - Douglas (HOL)

    Andrew in Douglas (HOL)

    Denis in Douglas (HOL)

    All the above rented from Sir Roland Blannerbassett. 


    Summary by lots:

    Lot 3B

    1834 Mike Scannell – from 1834 Tithe Applottment.

    1853 Denis Scannell – from 1853 Griffith Valuation

    1858 Denis Scannell  (son of Michael married Mary Kerrisk). (32).  I think Denis Crone and his son Michael may not have been alive.  His other son Jeremiah was on 6B.

    1880 James Scannell - Demetrius (James).  Only James is son of Andrew and Joanna Sullivan (48).   Maybe Michael also had a son James.

    1882 Denis Scannell  – Married Ellen Riordan. (son of Michael)

    1907 Michael Denis Scannell (son of Denis married Riordan)

    1913 John Scannell – Brother of Michael (married Margaret Shea)

    1914 Michael D. Scannell

    1926 Catherine Scannell ; wife of Michael    

    1939 Timothy Scannell;  son of Michael

    1959 Denis M Scannell ; Son of Michael; brother of Timothy

    1961 Kathleen Scannell ; sister to Denis M

    1973  John B. Costello

    1974 Catherine Scannell;

    1974 lot 3b was split up to

    3b1 - Catherine Scannell was in the house; house is still in valuation records but ruined.

    3b2 John B. Costelloe was on the land then to John C. Costello 1976


    3b1 - Catherine Scannell

    3b2 - John C. Costello



    Lot 3C –

    1853 – Michael Sheahan  from 1853 Griffith Valuation

    1881 – Timothy Sheahan

    1884 – Denis (Andy) Scannell married Johanna Sheehan

    1886 – McKenna married Denis (Andy’s) Scannell’s daughter Johanna


    Lot 3F

    1834 Denis Scannell 1834 from 1834 Tithe Applottment (Denis “Crone” Scannell)

    1853 Andrew Scannell from 1853 Griffith Valuation

                – Son of Denis “Crone” Scannell

    1880 Denis Scannell (Andy) – (54) – Son of Andrew

    1891 Patrick Costello – don’t know where he fits in.

    1894 Denis Scannell  (probably Denis Andy but doesn’t say)

    1914 John Scannell  (43) - Son of Denis (Andy) Scannell

    1931 Mary Scannell (wife of John)

    1932 Patrick Costello

    1938 Mary Scannell

    1959 Michael J. Scannell (son of John)

    1970  Mrs. Hannah Scannell ( wife of Michael John Scannell)

    1975 Denis Scannell (There is a Mrs Hannah in there too, this is Mrs Hannah Scannell ( wife of Michael John Scannell)


    3f  - Denis Scannell



    Lot 6B

    1853 Jeremiah Scannell from 1853 Griffith Valuation

    - (son of Michael)

    1888 Timothy Scannell (son of Jeremiah)

    1895 6a,b,c,d were renumbered

    6cd - John Coffey (now called 6Ba)  John was also on 6a (mother of Ellen Coffey – wife of Timothy)

    6b     Timothy Scannell (now called 6ABbc)

    1906 6ABbc  Timothy Scannell- no longer belonging to Sir R. Blunnerhassett

    1926 6ABbc Ellen Scannell – wife of Timothy

    1932 resized

    1943 6ABbc Andrew Scannell (son of Timothy)

    1975 6ABbc Mr and Mrs James Walsh (daughter f Andrew)

    1975 Also 6BA - Stephen and Jeremiah Coffey to John Coffey


    6ABbc - Mary Walsh

    6BA - John Coffey

    7,8,9 - JC Costello.



    1853 Mary Scannell from 1853 Griffith Valuation (6d)

    -(Could be the wife of John Cluvane or William Scannell – 1834 landowners).

    - Could also be wife of Michael (Mary Kerrisk) they had a son Timothy

    1860 Timothy Scannell – Maybe son of Michael and Mary Kerrisk.

    1861  John Clifford



    1853   John Sheahan – Could be the same John Sheahan in 1834.

    1858  Jeremiah Scannell

    1861  John Clifford



    1860    Patrick Sheahan but owned by Jeremiah Scannell

    1878    House gone



    1853 Ellen Scannell from 1853 Griffith Valuation (6g)

                - wife of Denis Crone?

    1860 Ellen Scannell but land owned by Jeremiah Scannell

    1878  House gone




    6d was John Sheahan then to Jeremiah in 1859.  Then it was Andrew as plan of record in 1860.  Then Jeremiah took over soon after and left house for Clifford.  Maybe John Sheahan was Catherine (his wife's) dad.